Burnt wheat conchiglie (1.1 lb.)

Burnt wheat conchiglie (1.1 lb.)

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Vigne Vecchie offers pasta made with 100% Italian wheat.

Burnt grain pasta dates back to very ancient times, exactly to poor peasant traditions or cucina povera. Burnt grain originated in the region of Apulia, the heels of Italy. After the harvesting peasants were allowed to seek overlooked stubbles in the fields and to collect the burnt grain left on the fields.

Burnt wheat pasta is intensely dark and has stronger flavor. Burnt wheat pasta is made according to the philosophy of Vigne Vecchie that offers just handmade products of highest quality from the Mediterranean tradition.

Burned wheat pasta is perfect with our biologic tomato sauce with basil and ricotta cheese. Try it also with zucchini and gorgonzola cheese.

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