Durum wheat fusilli with turmeric (1.1 lb.)

Durum wheat fusilli with turmeric (1.1 lb.)

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Turmeric gives pasta a yellow color typical of this spice used since very ancient times both in Ayurveda and cooking.

Turmeric contains curcumin that is a strong antioxidant, may help reduce cholesterol and improve the digestive system and intestinal function. Fusilli with curcumin have a mild flavor and are made with the best 100% Italian durum wheat carefully selected.

Vigne Vecchie offers a wide variety of bronze-drawing pasta. The drawing phase determines the shape of the pasta. Mixture is forced through a cavity that gives the wished shape and some knives cut the pasta at the wished length. gives the desired shape and giving the pasta surface roughness and only making it more suitable to hold sauces and condiments.

Fusilli cooks in 10-12 minutes. For those who love pasta “al dente” before serving drain fusilli some minutes earlier, especially if pasta is to be mixed in sauce or any condiment.

Pasta made with curcumin perfectly matches also to vegetables or ricotta.

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